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I love photography, it combines both technical and creative skills and enables me to freeze time, holding a moment still for a lifetime.  

Photoshop is my technical side.  I have been using Photoshop since before the digital camera era, first taking the photo on film then scanning it to alter in Photoshop.  An avid user since its early editions in the mid 2000's, I produced advertisements and marketing materials  for our innovative company The Wrangler Ltd.   I love to tinker until I have a photo just how I pictured it as the camera doesn't fully capture the feeling in a photo.  Most of the time Photoshop has made things better than they were by erasing powerlines, sheds, and softing wrinkles so that you couldn't tell it was never quite like that.

The catalyst of my portrait  photography drive was a beautiful closeup 6x4 of my daughter playing the flute in an orchestra concert. I looked at the photo and realised my current camera was not capable of capturing that and I didn't want to miss capturing those moments of my cute kids growing up. (I must have inspired something as my son is now also an excellent photographer and President of Canterbury University Photography Club.)

I'd like to say I specialise in just family photography but I have many favourite genres.  As a Marketing Director, I do a lot of Commercial Photography, photographing products for magazines, newspapers, and website.  Weddings and portrait work is always popular and I am lucky enough to have a talented husband as second shooter.  Passing the time at sports events has lead to a series of photos on Motocross, Rodeo's, etc but my favourite is slow shutter photography, particularly waterfalls, landscapes, and my absolute love - astrophotography.   My vast home gardens lead to flower photography, and combining my love of surreal Photoshop work leads to fine art photography.

Photography is not just my business but my hobby and past time too.  I am a Whakatane Camera Club committee member, submitting images every month to be judged by PSNZ judges.  I was part of an exhibition "View points" at the Whakatane Gallery in 2017.  I am also a PSNZ member. 

Waverley Klein Ovink

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